Warriors: We are so happy to have you with us this week. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is living our life intentionally and being happy is a huge part of it. As we are traveling and ministering to people all over the world, we are finding out a lot of folks, just aren't happy. Moreover, with all of the hurt and pain that some folks are afflicting upon others and not showing love, empathy, and compassion to/for one another, it's truly an indication that people are lacking hap


Hello Warriors: The enemy would love for us to feel like we are not worthy of the promises that God has for us. Warriors, the Bible speaks on the subject in the Old and New Testament. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo are living right with y’all as we see our economy going through so many changes, causing us to wonder...What if? Are we going to be okay? Hey y’all......stop it (worrying, complaining) right now! The enemy is trying to creep in and mess with your/our minds. It

No More Shame

Hello Warriors: Today, we would like to discuss something that has been very heavy on our hearts. We are talking about something that may be weighing you down - that extra baggage, you've been carrying ..... Baggage in the form of: making you feel you aren't worthy, and afraid of people judging you (you don't want to be exposed). Yes, today, we would like to discuss that horrific word, "Shame." Hush your mouth! Warriors, it is time to address this monster, so you can set

Are You Dreaming Like A Warrior?

Warriors: Thank you for stopping in on us, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, as we share another episode of, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." This week we would like to discuss, how BIG are you Dreaming? Do you realize that your life is based upon your dreams? Dreaming BIG is one of the keys to your success, because it allows you to improve your life. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo, have “HUGE“ big dreams. LOL. Our bucket-list is a big part of our dreams. It encompasses, what w

A Brazilian Camarote For You

Hey Warriors, Let's go Warriors, it is time to finish off this Brazilian trip. We are still enjoying this beautiful Bahian's summer weather. The Carnival, "The World Chose Salvador!" is in full effect. It is Saturday, and we are taking you to a Camarote. Do you even know what a Camarote is??? The Adventurous Dynamic Duo didn't either; until, we actually experienced one. Come on this journey to experience it, with us. We'll tell you all about it in a few minutes. It'

It's the Strip Then the Wonder-2

Okay Warriors, The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is back with more excitement for you. Today, the "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," is taking you from Las Vegas (the Strip) to the National Historic Landmark, the Hoover Dam in Lake Mead, NV, and then we're off to one of the world's greatest natural Wonders, the Grand Canyon (the Wonder). Here's part 2 from last week. Get ready! Get set! GOOOOOO! We are, now, in the white rental SUV heading through the desert to catch a cruise.

It's the Strip Then the Wonder-1

Hello Warriors, The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is so happy to have you back with us for another, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." The next several weeks we are going to take you to Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon. Get ready to have a blast with us and even learn a little. In mid-September we decided to hit the Vegas Strip and get to the Grand Canyon (the Great Wonder) before it got too cold for us to visit. You see Warriors, we are warm nature individuals, so our de

A Staycation for You

Hi Warriors, Excitement! Excitement! Excitement! Coming at you again, the......”Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey.” This week, we’re sharing a fun-filled weekend, we call a Staycation. Meaning, we didn’t leave town...however, we turned our weekend into an amazing one; filled with excitement, new adventures, and great fun. Yes, Warriors, we are always looking at our bucket list; recognizing and analyzing what we can accomplish now (short-term) or what we have to plan as a long

Experience the Holy Land

Hello Warriors, Here we are, back again, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, featuring another, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." This week we are just jumping with joy to share with you, a journey to Orlando, FL. As you already know, we are good at tapping into our bucket list, through choosing an extended weekend get away. We chose to adventure to Orlando, Florida in June. It was hot, but not too hot, to visit the "Holy Land Experience" Theme Park. This was one of those bucket l

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