Warriors: We are so happy to have you with us this week. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is living our life intentionally and being happy is a huge part of it. As we are traveling and ministering to people all over the world, we are finding out a lot of folks, just aren't happy. Moreover, with all of the hurt and pain that some folks are afflicting upon others and not showing love, empathy, and compassion to/for one another, it's truly an indication that people are lacking hap


Hello Warriors: The enemy would love for us to feel like we are not worthy of the promises that God has for us. Warriors, the Bible speaks on the subject in the Old and New Testament. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo are living right with y’all as we see our economy going through so many changes, causing us to wonder...What if? Are we going to be okay? Hey y’all......stop it (worrying, complaining) right now! The enemy is trying to creep in and mess with your/our minds. It


Hello Warriors: Welcome back to, “Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey.” We are excited to be amongst you again today. God is doing great things in our lives and we are believing HE is doing the same for you. Glory! Hallelujah! Just give HIM a shout of praise right now....for the brokenness we have endured for growth and for the higher calling HE has placed on our lives. Y'all ready? Today, we are touching upon the subject of brokenness: what it is and how does it affects us; e

Journey to Forgiveness

Warriors: Oh happy day! Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo is rejoicing with you on this beautiful day, that the Lord has made. Yes! We are rejoicing. Thank you! Thank you...for stopping in on our blog, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." Today, we're going to get deep, down in the nitty-gritty, with y'all. We all know life is so full of many different journeys, and today, we would like to address the journey to forgiving. Some of us have the gift of not holding grudges and we


Hello Warriors: How is life going for you? Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo is coming today with another powerful message. We are daring you to dream this year. Say what! What did you dream about when you were a kid? 👀 What do you want out of life? What do you want to do or become? Where do you want to live? Where would you like to visit? What are your goals to build God's Kingdom? What sort of fantasy future are you indulging in? Is it a passionate relationship, fin


Hi Warriors: Welcome! Welcome! We are overwhelmed to have you back with us, today. Our hearts have been led to touch on the subject of Redemption for this Blog. Our New Year is 2020 and the biblical meaning for the number 20 is Redemption. We have been meditating on the word Redemption for the past couple weeks, and God has revealed to us that this is the year of receiving a double portion. Hallelujah! So, y'all, we will be discussing the meaning of Redemption, how God

New Thing

Welcome Warriors: It’s a New Decade, A New Year, and A New Season. Warriors, get ready, God is about to do a New Thing in our lives. Have you prepared for your provision? We hope so, as we all, must set ourselves up and be ready - at all times. Question. What do you want for your life? Are you asking God for anything this New Year? This New Decade? Do you have goals, wants, and desires that you must achieve????? Remember, God says we have not, because we ask not. W