Pack Like A Warrior

Hello Warriors: We are truly thrilled you are back with us, today. The "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," would like to help to enhance your travels, as well as our own. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo have work to do. So, as we continue to work on improving ourselves, we would like to share our little travel tips, so you can grow right with us. Warriors, how are you packing for your adventures? If you are like us, you are packing too much and are finding yourselves weighted do

It’s Brazil Bloco Time

Welcome Back Warriors, The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is overjoyed to have you back with us. Today, the "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," is coming to you with an unforgettable experience, we had on our second full day in Brazil. Warriors, come along for the experience and have a little fun, as we take you to the largest Carnival in the World - “Muvuca,” meaning, just madness, y’all. 😳🥺🤫🤯🤩 Warriors, it's Friday, and we have another jam-packed schedule. Now that we are a li

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