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Milwaukee - Festivities

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Hello Warriors:

We are checking in this week, coming straight out of Milwaukee, WI. Warriors, we're going to be short & sweet today. Yes! Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo are out adventuring again!! This past week, we had the opportunity to spend time at SummerFest, one of the largest music festivals in the world. SummerFest had stages everywhere we looked, with music artists for all genres. This festival has been in existence for over 50 years. "Sidney, what did you think of the festival?" "Baby, I think it is the Bomb!" Check it out, Warriors; it is ALL worth it." We were blessed with seeing performances by Lionel Richie & JLo. Warriors, this festival is held, on the lake front of Lake Michigan (one of the Great Lakes). If you love music, we recommend you - Check it out.

One of our highlights, right off of our bucket-list, was to adventure out on a boat ride with Jackie's sister and brother-in-law; right on their boat - on beautiful Lake Michigan. We did it y'all! What an amazing time, we are having! God always makes it possible for us to fulfill our bucket-list goals. Thank You, Jesus! He says, all we have to do is ask, y'all...........

Thank you for checking in on, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." If you haven't already, sign in use your email address and the code ZEJFNW.

We Love You!!!!!

Please Live Life Intentionally - We Certainly Are!!!!!

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. The book “More of You God,” can help you to build a closer relationship with God. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

Please enjoy pictures and videos to follow:

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