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Pack Like A Warrior

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Hello Warriors:

We are truly thrilled you are back with us, today. The "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," would like to help to enhance your travels, as well as our own. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo have work to do. So, as we continue to work on improving ourselves, we would like to share our little travel tips, so you can grow right with us.

Warriors, how are you packing for your adventures? If you are like us, you are packing too much and are finding yourselves weighted down. With the airline rules changing constantly and the prices to check luggage going up by the minute, it is time for us to change our old ways and get with the new program. Yep, come on Warriors, let's get efficient and effective with our packing! We are Warriors, and we need to pack light, but we must ensure that we have our effective items with us. As Warriors, we must always leave with wearing our armor and carrying our sword, the Bible. Nowadays, we can carry the Bible on our phones! Also, don't forget to download the book, "More of You God," on your phone, to enhance your daily devotional quiet time. We must always keep ourselves armored up, because the enemy is roaming back and forth like a lion, looking to see whom he can destroy. No Satan, not us! You're trying to mess with the wrong family!

OK, Warriors, now you are ready to get the rest of your packing done. It's enough of a hassle to fly, dealing with jet lag, and hauling heavy luggage around. Oh no! Enough of this!!! We can eliminate this heavy luggage headache/backache that will make our travels better. We must remember to pack light; as Warriors, we need to be able to move quickly and precisely. So, let's discuss various techiques to help us obtain this goal.

First, create a checklist. This is the start of you deciding what is a necessity and what's isn't. We usually put our list on our note app on our phones. But, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo must do better, because we still take too much. Lol. The key is to start packing early. Don't wait to the last minute to pack! When we do that last minute packing-thing, y'all, we try to pack everything, but the kitchen sink into our suitcases! Lol. Remember to take into consideration the climate of your destination. For example, if we are going somewhere cold, we have learned to layer our clothing items. The number of outfits you take, shouldn't exceed the number of days you're going to be gone. "You got that Jackie?" Lol. Remember, you can always hand wash an item to wear again. Warriors, get it out of your head right now! Feeling the urge to add an extra article of clothing at the last minute? No! No! No! Adventurous Dynamic Duo, you must change your habits. Lol. If you are like us, it is time for us to get it together, Warriors!

Second, decide to use a smaller bag, possibly one you can carry onto the plane. If you ever have experienced the airlines losing your luggage for - hours, days, or permanently; a carry on, may be your best option. Also, this option allows you to move quickly since you do not have to pay a visit to the baggage claim carousel. Yay!!!!! No more over-sized luggage for this Adventurous Dynamic Duo. Warriors, we are notorious for traveling with monster luggage. Lol. However, we don't think we will be using our back packs to pack. We aren't quite there yet. Lol.

Third, a great idea and we do this when we travel: Wear a warm-up suit or active wear on the plane. You can wear the same outfit going and coming (Yes, you can). If you need a coat or big sweater, take it in your arms or wear it on the plane. If you are anything like Jackie, who is always cold on the airplane, you'll use it to cover yourself while taking a nap. Lol. Ideally, when packing, think about what you really like to wear and what is comfortable. You should be able to wear each piece two or three times on your trip. When choosing outfits for a trip, pick between 2-3 different colors that you can mix and match, creating multiple outfits for different occasions and for different days. Warriors, it's all about being creative.

Next, limit your shoes to no more than three pairs, and one pair should be your sneakers that you are wearing on the plane. This one right here, we know, is going to be a serious challenge for us, as we like (love) our shoes. So, pray for us, please!!! Lol. It is always best to wear sneakers while traveling, for comfort, and it is recommended to fly with shoes that cover up your feet, in case of an emergency.

Fifth, roll up your clothing instead of folding it. This technique will give you more room in your luggage. Place the bulkiest items in the corners and place the rolled up stuff in the center of your bag. Take only one dressy outfit. Put your formal or dressy item in a dry cleaner bag to help prevent wrinkles. For your toiletry items, get the travel size containers and pare down to only the essentials.

Well Warriors, this is definitely going to be a challenge for us. However, we know we can do all things through Christ Whom strengthens us. We are up for the challenge, because we must do better. Just carrying the luggage alone is a job; all by itself. Lol. We are prayerful this week's blog will help you, like it is going to help us! Definitely, we will share our improvements with you, on our next adventure. "Sid, PLEASE no more big gigantic suitcases, Baby." Lol.

OK Warriors, are you up for the challenge? As Bishop T.D. Jakes says, "Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!" Warriors, while we are out traveling and enjoying accomplishing our beautiful bucket list, we still have Kingdom work to do. At all times, we want all whom we encounter, to see the Jesus inside of us, flourishing on the outside of us. We cannot be weighted down with any baggage or any overloaded luggage. Pack with a Purpose! Live Life Intentionally!

Again, thank you for visiting us this week. May God continue to bless your week, with blessings on top of blessings. This is the day the Lord has made and the Adventurous Dynamic Duo will rejoice and be glad in it. Hallelujah! Remember, if you haven't joined our blog, please sign in with your email address and the code: ZEJFNW. We want you to stay connected and receive our updates, etc.

Love & Blessings,

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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Adventurous Dynamic Duo
Adventurous Dynamic Duo
Apr 22, 2019

Great! Thanks for visiting us today. We pray it helps to change your packing like it is going to change ours. 😍😎


Apr 21, 2019

Very helpful information and made me smile 😊

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