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Superb Ending, Now New Beginnings

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Hello, Our Friends,

We (the Adventurous Dynamic Duo) are praying you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebration. 🙏🏾 Yes! Ours, was fabulous and fun. Now, we are setting goals for 2019 and our future. New goals, new trips, new activities, and new fun … Buckle up, Y 'all, here we come!

Here is a quick recap of our superb year-end festivities. Christmas was amazing. Again, we started our Christmas day off by visiting Jackie's cousin, a Christmas Baby, to share her special day, her big 70th birthday. We drove that hour-fifteen minutes trek, and we showed up bearing of gifts. What a great feeling, giving to others. This was such a special time to share Christmas, all of our favorite holiday; along with celebrating my cousin's birthday. She is a miracle. She has an amazing testimony (she shared it with us). Death faced her many times, but God. It was pure joy for us to see her turn 70 and not even look it); just truly amazing. All the more reason, we were so honored to share the birth of Jesus, along with the life of my cousin. Precious! Precious! Precious!

The weekend before the New Year, that Friday, we attended a concert; one of Jackie’s favorite artists and now, one of Sidney’s favorite too! Well! Well! Charlie Wilson (Uncle Charlie)!!!! He was here in the city, performing like never before. Did I tell you he is one of our favorite artists? Ok! Uncle Charlie was singing one of our favorite songs, “I’m Blessed”, and we looked at each other, while singing along, mouthing the words directly to each other. Yes, we are Blessed; another year of life! We had a ball! Yesssss!

The Adventurous Dynamic Duo recommends when Charlie Wilson is coming to your city, go check him out. We love how he always gives honor to God and shares his inspiring testimony during his show. He is a great entertainer; he is well worth paying for a ticket. Lol. 🥳 The band was on point, with an awesome horn section; they were ”Off the chain.“ His dancers were phenomenal, with amazing costumes. Even Uncle Charlie gets in on the action, giving us some dance moves with his team. Charlie and all of his dancers have a routine where it’s dark on the stage, their clothing and shoes light up and all we can see is the movement of the lights. They were looking like Christmas decorations, all lit up on the stage.! 😎 He also sings several of his songs when he was lead singer with the Gap Band. Nothing like getting a little bit of the Gap Band from back in the day. 😍

On Saturday evening, we decided to catch an Atlanta Hawks basketball game. We wanted to check out the State Farm Arena, since it was recently remodeled, along with a name change from the Philips Arena. They played the Cleveland

Cavilers. It was a very exciting game as the score remained close the entire game; BUT our Hawks came out with the victory. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Thank You Jesus! 😇. It was fun to be out meeting other fans and getting our cheer on! ”Go Hawks Go.” Sorry, Cav Fans... A victorious year for 2019 is exactly what we are expecting to occur in our life as well as yours too! Get ready!!!!!

As you can see, as the old saying, goes, “We do not let any grass grow under our feet.” We really enjoy having fun and living our best life. Not only do we believe in having fun, but we, also, believe in setting goals for the New Year, writing them down and executing our goals. Not just looking at them, but working towards achieving them.

What are your goals for improving your relationship with God? What are your goals to bring into fruition your bucket list activities? What about your health (eating habits and exercising)? What about your finances? The list can go on and on, so please write it down. Now is the time! Forget about the past. Let’s work and prepare for our future.

By the way, if you haven’t purchased the 365 day devotional book, “More of You God”, it is a great book to help you start your year off, to achieve your (and ours) goal of spending more time with God.


1. Write your goals down; we love to use our notebook app on our phones to capture our thoughts.

2. Make sure you have your bucket list. Review it, add to it, and start setting goals to put into effect, yes, accomplishing some of the activities on your list.

3. Please! Please! Please! Set your first goal, to put God First - in all things. FOR HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!!!!

4. Get your copy of “More of You God", now. Here is the link:

Thank you again for checking out “Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey.” As we inspire you, please allow yourself to inspire someone else.

Don’t forget to sign in and join our blog using code ZEJFNW. Also, please, invite... invite..invite....invite...others to check us out.

We love you, Our Friends.

We are the Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Sidney & Jackie

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