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You Have The Power


Do you really know, who you are? Do you know how strong you are? Well, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo is here to share and discuss the power you have, right, inside of you. This week, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," would like to encourage you to tap into what you already have, "Your Power!"

Warriors, we are sure, you know, we all go through so many life challenges. Right now, some of us are facing, bankruptcy, divorce, illness, loss of a loved one, persecution, loss of job, loss of home, loss of hope and/or direction. That ole lying enemy wants us to believe, we are alone and we are not going to survive and/or be successful because of those challenges. He wants us to get depressed, have anxiety, and to just give up on life. If this is you, right now, or if you have ever gone through a situation to get you to this point in your life, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo can testify to you, right now, saying, learn to rely on the power of the Lord. He lives inside of you (the Holy Spirit). Therefore, you have the same power that raised Christ from the dead. This power without a doubt is beyond measure. It is super-abounding; it is a surpassing power that is more than enough to make us victorious. The power of the Holy Spirit is so powerful it truly is unimaginable, because it exceeds and surpasses any and/or everything we could imagine.

As long as we have accepted, Jesus Christ as our Savior; we must believe He has die on the cross for our sins and on the third He rose from the dead, ascending into heaven, seated at the right side of the Father. Once we submit to Him, we now, have access to His power. It is time for all of us to tap into this power. "You Have the Power." Let's tap in now.

To follow, we would like to discuss several key ways to tap into the Holy Spirit:

1. Read the Bible - God's power is revealed and experienced in His Word. Through His word, we can be eyewitnesses to what God has done throughout history and of what He can and will do, if we tap into Him and His mighty power. First, we need to know God's will, because if He doesn't approve of something or someone, there's nothing we can do to make "it" work, make "it" right, or make Him accept "it". God's word has the power to grow and/or cause growth to happen in us and through us. His word is so powerful, it can totally transform, renew, refresh and revive us, as well as, re-direct our lives! Even when we are going through life challenges, His word will bring us comfort, hope and joy, totally in the midst of our suffering. The word of God is a tool to prep us for the unforeseen world, so now that we know the power of the Word of God, we need to tap into it everyday; having that quiet, one-on-one time with our Savior. Yes, faith comes from reading and hearing the word. Yes, His word IS and has the power!

2. Trust God - Warriors, it is imperative for us to practice our faith, by trusting God. The word says, we only need faith, the size of a mustard seed. Therefore, we must learn to cease in trusting our own frail efforts and hand over our resources (everything) to the One who can do anything and all things. As we read His word, we notice numerous examples of people putting their faith into action; thereby, receiving their victory (ies). The Adventurous Dynamic Duo had some really, trying situations in our lives - our health, finances, stress, depression and anxiety. However, we believe in trusting God's word, so we sought after God, even more while we were going through these situations. We trusted God, by getting into a quiet place, with a quiet mind, so we could hear from the Holy Spirit, who gave us that divine and perfect guidance. Additionally, our praises unto Him were even greater, because we know what He has already done for us, and we know - He will never leave us or forsake us. We realize, sometimes, it takes getting broken, to be used for His glory, and once we make it through the process, we are stronger, better, and even more powerful.

3. Obedience - It takes more than just reading His word and having faith. Yes, we need to know God's will, but if we aren't using word and obeying it, we get nothing. Faith without works is dead. Therefore, we need to tap into our power and obey the word, so we can transform our knowledge into power. If we want to live powerfully, we must obey. It takes powerful obeying to receive powerful living.

4. Prayer - This is a key component for tapping into your power. The word says pray without ceasing; so please, please, please - don't give up. No matter how weak you feel or how ill-equipped you think you are, start talking to the Father. He is your strength, so your power comes through tapping into Him. Remember, praying is just having a heart-felt conversation with Jesus Christ, our Savior. Prayer can go where we can't go, and it is a vital part of relying on the power of God. Many miracles in the Bible came into fruition after prayer. Prayer is powerful.

5. Let go and Let God - Warriors, sometimes, we just have to be still and wait on God. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo has found that God will truly try our patience - (It's true, y'all) God is known for waiting up to the last minute to fix a situation; however, He is always right on time. So, do not give up, relax, be patience, and let God, work. God is all-knowing, owns everything, and God is the Powerbroker - for all broken folks - like you/us. We must have confidence that ultimately, God will accomplish His good in our lives.

Warriors, we don't know about y'all, but we are, now, on fire and all pumped up. "You ready Sidney?" We are ready to continue to live with the authority that God has given us. Let's all tap - tap - tap - into the power that God has given us. Yes, all of us! We do not have time to wait. Now, is the time. Our power is inside of us, waiting to get activated. Be bold, stand strong, "We Have the Power." It's the God-given power of the Holy Spirit, and we thank You, Lord, Jesus, for this precious gift! Hallelujah! Holy Spirit, come. You are welcome here!

We thank you for visiting, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," for another one of our powerful weekly episodes. Please come back next week as we release a new blog. We love to serve the Lord, and we love to share what He is doing in our lives and what He can do in yours. We pray these blogs are a blessing to you. Before you leave our site, please sign in with your email and use the code ZEJFNW. Thank you and we love you! Remember, "You Have the Power." Live Life Intentionally!

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. The book “More of You God,” can help you to build a closer relationship with God. To purchase the book, ”More of You God” click on the link below:

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