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Thank you for visiting my website.  Just a little about me..

I consider myself very fortunate, as I have known Jesus Christ my entire life.  Through my strong faith, I have always stepped out into new life's ventures.  God continues to bring books through me, while seeking Him with my entire heart, body, and soul. 


I'm really thrilled to bring to you my second book (God's book), More of You God.  This book came about one day, while reading one of my favorite 365 devotional books, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.  God spoke again, saying, "Jackie, I have a Jesus Calling inside of you, and I want you to call it, More of You God."  At that very moment, God started spelling it out and pouring into me, a vision for this book.  It wasn't easy getting this book completed.  I was faced with spiritual warfare.  The enemy came forth like a hungry lion, trying to destroy.  However, I heard God loud and clear; this book is definitely needed to help a lot of people through their life's journey.  I even started using More of You God, before it was completed to help others; as well, as using it during some of my own trials and tribulations.  Additionally, God inspired me to bring forth another outstanding spiritual book cover; let it minister to your soul.  


I pray this devotional is a blessing to you and it helps you, with your intimate time with God.  I believe, it will help you build a one-on-one relationship with Him.  Every bit of what you read is what God put on my heart.  Some messages were inspired from church; others were when I was dealing with the enemy's attacks and when God was repositioning, transforming, and renewing me.  I assure You, I spent many days, meditating, praying, praising, and resting in God's presence, to write this book.   Please remember, God truly hears your cry every day.  He wants you to build a relationship with Him and praise Him, no matter what situations you may encounter.


My first book, "Journey to Praise" A Book of Consecration and Fasting, also, was totally written under His anointing.  This entire book took place while I was consecrating and fasting many times, throughout a year.  I was in a desperate place in my life, and I was very hungry for God.  I prayed two months for God to give me a vision for the book's cover, and one morning He woke me up with the idea for the cover you now see (isn't it amazing?).  I'm very honored for God to select me to bring this book forth unto the world.  God allowed for me to go through many trials and tribulations, while He was  molding and preparing me for the work that He has for me to complete. 


I have a Master's degree in Public Administration and a  Bachelor's degree in Management.  I have worked in the Medical field for many years as an Administrator and Technologist.   I'm originally from Milwaukee, WI, and now reside with family in Atlanta, GA.  I love to praise the Lord!!!


The Journey has begun and it continues...

August 17-19, 2018, I served as Mistress of Ceremonies and sold More of You God at New Life International Ministries Church  in Milwaukee, WI, for their Prayer and Praise Conference.  I appeared on Atlanta Live, WATC TV 57, October 10, 2018 with, More of You God.  On October 29, 2018 I was a guest on, The Women Are Worthy Show, Podcast & Streaming  with God's books, in Acworth, GA.  The following day, October 30, 2018 I did a tribute to my Uncle Benny, at his funeral,  the young 95 year old, that I dedicated, More of You God to.  On December 1, 2018, Kimberly Heard-Joiner hosted a book signing, for More of You God.    April 22, 2019, I was interviewed on the Joy & Company Radio Show.  October 21, 2019 I was interviewed & Co-Hosted with Pastor Walter Owens,  at the Milwaukee Radio Group, on the FOCUS show.  Further, More of You God, won a Henri  Award at the Christian Literary Awards 2019, for Best Devotional of the year.   On October 22, 2021 and on March 23, 2022, I'm so grateful to have appeared on the Milwaukee Radio Group, on the FOCUS show  with Pastor Walter Owens, of the New Life International Ministries Church.  I was so blessed to be on the Jekayln Carr show on 6/2/2022, Praise 102.5.  On July 11, 2022,  interviewed live with Keith Parris on WNOV 860 Radio. Guess speaker, August 6, 2022, Redeem Faith Fellowship Church, Block Party, Neighborhood Gathering, Milwaukee, WI.   Was interviewed by Faithe Colas on the "I'm Every Woma Radio Show, WNOV 860, on October 28, 2022.  Featured in a article, November-December 2022 issue of Black Women + Health & Lifestyles Magazine.  Stay posted for hosts of other events with, More of You God  coming soon!  Jesus, You take the wheel!

I appeared live on Atlanta Live, WATC TV 57, July 29, 2015 with God's book, "Journey to Praise" A Book of Consecration and Fasting.  "Journey to Praise" A Book of Consecration and Fasting, displayed at the 2015 Book Expo America **New Title Showcase in New York.  I went back home to Milwaukee, WI, my roots,  and was blessed with my Alma Mater Cardinal Stritch University, that hosted  a book signing.  What a fantastic event and celebration. I presented an one hour speech, ''The Tools God Have Given Us,' at the Praise/Prayer Conference at New Life International Ministries, it was powerful.   September 2015, I was featured as an Emerging Writer at AJC Decatur Book Festival, one of the largest book festivals in Georgia. The end of September 2015 I participated in the BWABC Literacy Festival in Memphis with over 100 authors.  On February 21, 2016  I was featured as an emerging author at the Douglas County Connection 11th Annual "Authors & Poets Afternoon for Black History Month.   God has a host of plans just waiting for me to do His work and His will.


I'm very hungry/excited and looking forward to  this walk that God has me stepping into;  the purpose and plan that God has for my life.  I will be speaking at conferences, workshops and much more, coming soon!  Also, I'm currently working on a new  children's book, entitled, "Abigailie the Squirrel."  Soon to come, an Audio of More of You God, read by the author.  So, please stay tuned, a lot more is coming your way.


I have two questions for you.  "Do you have an intimate relationship with God, and "Are you using the tools that God have given you?"






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