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Updated: Apr 12


We are so happy to have you with us this week. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is living our life intentionally and being happy is a huge part of it. As we are traveling and ministering to people all over the world, we are finding out a lot of folks, just aren't happy. Moreover, with all of the hurt and pain that some folks are afflicting upon others and not showing love, empathy, and compassion to/for one another, it's truly an indication that people are lacking happiness. We believe that happiness occurs when we decide to pursue what's in us. So, how do we do this happiness thing?

Happiness is not a one through five-step process; it takes knowing that we are enough. We cannot find happiness by trying to be happy. One of our favorite quotes by Henry David Thoreau, says it all, "Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder." The key to knowing we are enough is to first know who we are in God. Today, everyone is just searching for happiness and so many of us, do not even know who we are or what we are searching for. Examples: We think if we lose weight, it will make us happy. We think if we are rich, we will be happy. We think if we are married, we are happy. We think that if we have the perfect job, we are happy. We think that if we own a house, we are happy. The list can go on and on. However, so often, we are finding out after we achieve these accomplishments, we still aren't happy. Why??? Because we can't buy happiness, nor can we achieve happiness. Trying to be happy, inevitably, will make us, unhappy. There's something more. It takes having a relationship with God. He will open our eyes, to what He has for us: His promises, the fact that we are children of royalty, and there is nothing impossible for us, when we are keeping our eyes on Him.

Please note, we aren't saying not to dream and work hard to achieve your dreams. However, we are saying, get a foundation and the best ground you can stand on is, in God. As you read His Word, let it become a blueprint for your life. While pursuing HIM you will find your happiness. God holds this world in the palm of His hand. Get a grasp on what we just said. God owns everything in this world; people, money, opportunities, health, strength, vision, beauty, and you. The Holy Spirit lives inside of each one of us, therefore, when we pursue what is in us, we will start having happiness.

As we are getting empowered from within: We start feeling grateful with much gratitude; We have a spirit of forgiveness; We look at life positively; We are able to build relationships fostering friendships; We choose happiness and now, we engage in meaningful activities. This all happens, because God is love and He first loved us!!!! Just remember, when you know God and you know who you are in God, your life will never be the same. Yes, you will run into difficulties and challenges, but God will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. Even in the mist of a raging storm, you will find happiness. Trust and Believe it!!!!!

Warriors, let go and let God! He is the answer; the only answer!!!! To live a happy intentional life, God must be in the center of our lives. When you are happy and you know it, God is in it!!!!!!!

Thank you for stopping in to visit, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." We know that life is full of unforeseen obstacles and challenges, But, we know a God who is the master of taking bad situations and using it for our good. Warriors, trust Him! Get to know Him better by spending time with Him - daily. That is all He wants us to do: Put Him FIRST, then, He will give you/us our heart desires.

As usual, sign in with your email address and the code ZEJFNW. We love you and we want you, happy.....happy.....happy. And, remember, Don't worry. Be happy!😍😎😇😀😂🤣🥰🤪🤩🤗🤠

God bless you all!

Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

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