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#1- A Taste of Niagara Falls/Toronto!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Hey Warriors:

We are back, and we are delighted to have you back with us for another episode of, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." Today, we are excited to share with you our latest adventure to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Part 1. As you know from our previous adventures, we will take a few days and turn it into a huge adventure. Well, Warriors, that is exactly what we did over a week ago. We took 5 days and we had the time of a life time. We are still living on the fumes of this adventure. LOL!!!

Are y'all ready? Here we go...on a Wednesday morning off to Toronto. We land, go get our rental car, and head off to the Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. Woo! Hu! It's so funny, because we were using our cell phone as our GPS and we called her "Betty". Well, Betty only in Canada was always a few seconds late on giving us directions, so needless to say, we had to make a few wrong turns before figuring out we had to read the directions to get ahead of her, for our directions. Lol. Of course, we said only in Canada..... Lol. We made it in about 2 hours and checked into the #EmbassySuitesHotel; our room was amazing. Yes! We had a view of all of the Falls, and we could see the 10pm nightly fireworks. Yes, indeed! Right from our room, and we rolled one bottom window open so we could hear the Falls. Oh, so peaceful! It was truly serenity, y'all. We paid more for this view, but Warriors, let us tell you, it is all worth it. We kept the curtains open night and day, allowing us to capture pictures of the sunset. LOL. Remember, you get what you pay for and some things, are just worth it.

The next morning, Sid gets up and partakes in the free breakfast, and Jackie sleeps in. Now it is time to get up and adventure. We have to be outside our hotel at 8am for a 9am - 3pm tour. We went through #Viator for a Niagara Falls in One Day: Deluxe Sightseeing Tour of America and Canadian Sides. This is an amazing fun filled tour with #OverTheFallsTour. We were the second group to get picked up, and we stopped at various hotel locations, picking up people who are visiting from all over the world. Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Meeting and sightseeing on this adventure with so many interesting folks.

This Niagara Falls tour is the bomb. First, we went over to the American side. We have to have our passports to go through customs - going and returning. Our first stop was #MaidOfTheMist. We are given ponchos with hoods to cover our clothes and head. We enter a huge boat and go straight to the front of it, and this boat took us right past the American 2 Falls. It is truly beautiful. Yes. the mist got us a little wet, but there was a beautiful rainbow right in front. A reminder of God's Promises! How cool! We knew right then, God was with us. Hallelujah! We continued to head towards the Canadian Falls, the Horseshoe Falls. It is huge, so here we are, a little nervous, but excited at the same time. The boat enters into the center of it and the water is rushing like crazy. The boat sits for a few minutes and Warriors, yes, we get soaked, but it is amazing to get that close to it. “Sidney, how was it?” “Babe, it was crazy! I just had to catch a video of it, even though my phone got wet. Go to our FB and check it out.” Did y'all know, Niagara Falls is not the biggest Falls; but the reason it is one of the 7 Wonders, it has the most water rushing over it. It is powerful y'all, and you must get there to see it and experience it if you haven't.

Our next stop was #CaveOfTheWinds. First, they give us a poncho and sandals for this adventure. Second, we watched a film, educating us on the Falls; very interesting. Then, we are taken hundreds of feet down into a cave, and we walked outside. Believe it or not, we are right next to the third Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls which is the smallest Falls of the three Falls. However, when we went out there next to it, it isn't what we would call small, at all. LOL. There are steps for us to climb, right next to the Falls, so we reach over and touch it, while water is just gushing all over us. Oh, what a refreshing feeling!!! The higher we climb up the stairs, the more wetter we get and closer into the thrashing water of the Falls. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo had a blast! Sidney was just standing at the top, letting the water soak him, while his arms and hands are up in the air. Yes! Warriors! This was a magical moment! We had been waiting to see and experience these Falls, and we must say, doing this tour was truly, the way to experience it.

We continued on our tour, stopping to get lunch. We try the Poutine (French fries with gravy and cheese curds). It is a quintessential Canadian dish that is sold all over Ontario and Toronto. A lot of folks love this dish, but your Duo, think it's, just, okay. We do not like our fries soaked in gravy, so Poutine isn't our favorite Canadian fare; but try them for yourself. It's always great to experience different foods. We purchase a few souvenirs at this stop, as well. We head to another area, The Whirlpool; where the water from the Falls is at a level 6 and boats aren't allowed in this area, or should I say - they have a few special boats that can go in this area. This area is 125 feet deep, where one man tried to swim it years ago, drowned. They have a basket lift, on a cable, that goes across this part of the river. It looks really cool, but we didn't have time to ride it. However, Warriors, be careful. It is fun to adventure; but please, please, please, practice safety. ALWAYS.

The adventure continues and we head back over to the Canadian side. As we are approaching customs, we see a building on the Canadian side that was an bird adventure. 100's of birds in this building. This might be something you all may want to check out. Your Duo passed on this adventure, as we weren’t up for bird poop all over us. Lol. We go back through customs and head to the National Falls State Park. At this park, we were right by the Horse Shoe Falls. The mist IS crazy. We get wet - soaked, but it is fun. This area is where thousands of people come and take pictures, daily. Of course, we took lots of pictures, for it is truly a site to see.

Our last stop of this great tour was the #SkylonTower. It is an observation tower that overlooks both the American Falls, New York, and the larger Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, from the Canadian side of the Niagara River. It opened on October 6, 1965, costing 7 million to build. It was the second tower to be built using the slip-form method in which concrete is continually poured into a form moving slowly up the tower. The tower features 3 outside mounted "Yellow Bug" elevators. It has two restaurants at its top, the lower Revolving Dining Room, seating 276 and revolves once every hour by resting on a circular rail. The other restaurant is the upper, Summit Suite Buffet. The Skylon has an observation deck where we took lots of pictures. There is several gifts shops at the base of it, with fast food restaurants and a large amusement arcade. A floor for conventions is also available in this tower. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo, must tell you, it is a great view and a great place to capture pictures and videos.

As we mentioned earlier, this tour was so, so, so - much fun and truly exciting. We are still full from this adventure. The more we travel, we recommend, finding a great tour that shows you a variety of things to see and do. Yes, they may cost several hundred dollars or more per person, but a great tour is well worth the money. For us, this tour was more than amazing. What is so great, it gives you ideas of what you may want to go back to see or do after the tour. For example, that night we walked around the strip by our hotel, we went to the Casino and we then rode Go-Karts, after seeing this area during our tour. We hope you enjoyed journeying with us on this tour.

Next week, please stop by for Part II of Niagara Falls and Toronto. Okay, Warriors, don't forget to Live Your Life Intentionally - Do You! God has a purpose and plan for all of our lives. Please don't live in fear, because God has given us dominion over this earth. Press in now. Before leaving our blog, don't forget to sign in with your email address and using the code ZEJFNW to join our weekly blog.

As always, thanks for visiting our blog. We love you!!!!! Enjoy the pictures to follow.

Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

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