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Cancun- Here We Come

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hello Everyone:

We are the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, and we want to help inspire you to enjoy your life. This week we are taking you on a quick getaway to Cancun, Mexico. Destination of the amazing blue Caribbean sparkling blue sea. It’s simply incredible, fun times, absolutely beautiful weather and great food.

Neither one of us had ever gone to Cancun before, so what an exciting time for us! It was even more exciting for Jackie because she was going to bring in another year of life in this exotic island. What a beautiful island, with so many lovely beaches to visit. We can’t fail to mention all of the excursions and activities available to engulf yourself into, on this great island. Paradise was just awaiting us and now, you too.

We chose to visit staying for 4 nights; we got there the day prior to Jackie’s birthday. The next morning no sleeping in for us. It’s Jackie’s birthday... we must get up and tap into the Mexico experience.

We got out and into the white sandy beach; it is jet skiing time. Another bucket list adventure, Sidney’s first time and Jackie’s second. What an adventure, skiing across the ocean, looking at the water change four different colors, all for one hour. So, you know we were way out there for a girl who cannot swim. However, of course swimming lessons are now on our bucket list. Lol. Jackie must learn to swim because she loves being out on the water, and fish Sidney😎 can already swim. So go figure, Jackie was depending on him to help her if she fell off along with her life jacket. However, the goal was to stay on the jet ski.

Jackie has this braveness about her that Sidney is learning, as we travel. Sometimes, He just thinks the girl is crazy. Lol. But, we truly enjoy adventuring and traveling together. The more we travel, we realize God has truly given us (and you) dominion over the earth, so we are both, now, stepping out on faith, evolving into new adventures, and enjoying every minute of life.

It's Jackie’s day and she is just a little tired from working so hard prior to this trip; needless to mention, the traveling time it took to get to Mexico. With that being said, she just wanted to enjoy the white, sandy beach, laying out and taking in a little Vitamin D (the sun). We ended her special day eating Mexican food, while the restaurant had a little birthday celebration for Jackie. Everyone in this joint was singing “Happy Birthday Dear Jackie” to little ole her. She will tell ya, she felt like a Rock Star!!!! It was an amazing time, and we were treated just like family.🙌🏾🙌🏾 We spent a little time after dinner, back at our resort purchasing a few souvenirs. One item in particular that we had to have … we watched a gifted artist paint a picture representing us on the beach. What a cool keepsake for us!

Day three, we hung out in the pool in the morning, getting a little R & R, along with some volleyball fun. That evening, we decided to do a surf and turf boat excursion. What a blast! Good food, good drinks, good company, good music, and great fun dancing out in the middle of the sea, on the boat. We met lots of folks from all over the world as we all were tapping into the Mexico experience. Fun! Fun! Again, another memorable moment - unforgettable, precious , loving, and just living an adventurous life.

On our last day, we adventured off to this area called, El Parque de las Palapas. This beautiful sunshine of a place is located in downtown Cancun It was so funny, we chose to catch a local bus because it wasn't very far from our resort. Just riding that bus was an experience, in itself. Imagine, a guy hanging off the steps outside the front door of the bus, with American R&B Music blasting away!!! We laughed and looked at each other, saying, “Only in Mexico.“🤣

This area was described to us by comparing it to Las Vegas. Of course, it wasn’t quite that; but it was cool, with lots of shops, a mall with a Hard Rock Café that opened up to the beach area. This was where the party was, all day; full of diverse people, everywhere. We had lunch there and hung out on the beach for a while. We wrapped up that evening by attending a Mexican show on our resort. It was absolutely beautiful. Great entertainment with amazing costumes. What a great way to end our last night.


1. Go visit for at least a week. There is so much to do and see.

2. Make sure you spend one day going to Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chich’en Itza in Chichen Itza, Mexico. This was our only real regret; missing out visiting one of the wonders of the world.

3. Take time to tour, but also get some R & R.

4. Visit several beaches. They are all so beautiful.

5. Always make memorable moments.

Thanks for hanging out in Cancun with us. It was brief but FUN. A great place to celebrate a birthday! What are you doing for your special day? Make sure you do something exciting, adventurous, and fun - making it a memorable day.

Don't forget the real reason for this season. The book, “More of You God,” on pg 367, reads, “Today, Father, I thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus.”

”I, first, want to celebrate Your birth, Jesus.” Happy Birthday to You, Jesus!

Meet us next week on another Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey. Don’t forget to join by signing in and using the code : ZEJFNW.

We love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!

Merry! Merry! Christmas!

Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Sidney & Jackie

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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