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Faith On Fire

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Hello Warriors:

Where is your faith? Do you lack faith in God? Do you believe God can heal you? Do you believe His Word/His promises? Do you even know what faith truly is? The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is here to tell you, we have, "Faith On Fire." You can see, as you follow our blog, we step out on our faith on the regular. "Jackie, what do you mean by this?" "Sidney, the Warriors know, we have stepped out, flying in hot-air balloons, jet skiing in the ocean, boating on the lake, whitewater rafting in the River, riding horses in the mountains, riding helicopters over the Grand Canyon, and so, much more. Just everyday life challenges and adventures." Our fearless, fierce faith did not happen overnight. Our faith seed has been watered throughout the years and now, it is blossoming into a huge, abundant tree. So, today - we would like to discuss what is faith and how to get faith. Question: 'Is your, "Faith On Fire?"

Well, let's start with several definitions of faith. "Faith is defined as a belief with strong conviction: firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof; complete trust, confidence, reliance, or devotion. Faith is the opposite of doubt.” (Wikipedia) The Bible states in Hebrews 11:1. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Warriors, we must remember how Great and how Big is our God. He holds the earth in the palm of His hand. Can you truly wrap your mind around this fact? Well, when you do, you will find yourself seeking after God in a way that you have never done before. You see, as we read His Word and seek after Him through prayer, praise and fasting, He clearly reveals Himself to us. Once we know His promises, we can stand on what He said He would do for us. Further, our God is a God who never lies, so you will start feeling His faithful presence in your life, and you will trust Him in every area of your life - just as your Adventurous Dynamic Duo does.

Faith takes hard works; it doesn't come easy. Warriors, you know, as long as life is going great, we say, "Yes, I trust God!" But, soon as we encounter difficulties in our lives, like an illness, financial problems, family situations, job loss, etc.; we get a little weary, defeated, depressed, bone-tired, brain drained - allowing doubt to creep on in. What is so ironic, God even allows us to experience some difficult situations...remember, "Faith without works is dead" (James 2:26), so our faith can grow. Our faith is a seed and the seed must be watered, (doing the work), so while we are going through trials and tribulations, we must hold onto God's unchanging hand. During this time, we can either water our seed to grow by believing and trusting God or we can do nothing, which will lead to no growth - at ALL. We suggest, Warriors, get the Word up in you. Lol. 😍😍😍 Do not fret, do not get tired, and definitely, do not get weary!!! As long as we are doing what is the Lord's will, He has our front, our back and our sides. Even, if you have stepped off of His righteous path, God is so mercifully and has grace for you; giving you chance after chance to get back on His path!!! Always...please remember; there are consequences in our choices. Practicing true faith means learning to disregard what we see. We must remain relaxed and calm - in all situations. Our faith must be confident that God is guiding the final outcome of all of our matters.

Warriors, faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace and this faith only comes through our relationship the Holy Spirit creates with us. We get our faith from God! Real faith comes from the Spirit of God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit and a gift. We can not have it or even be a true Christian without God's Spirit. Warriors, we have to ask Him for faith. Real faith, in any promise made by God, is actually the evidence, and it is the belief that is the evidence, we possess it through his Word.

Right now, y'all know, this world is in trouble. We are on a planet where folks are so cut off from God. So many lack the strength or power to believe God's promises, revealed in His Word. The enemy has them believing God is too far away, vague, and ethereal. Many people, just do not have time for God, and are running around confused, depressed, and defeated. But, we as Warriors, we must step up our Faith game and go out into this crazy worldly world, letting these folks know about, Jesus Christ, our Savior. We all have testimonies of our faith in God, and we all know the Word says, "We are overcome through our testimonies". So, Warriors, we need to share what God has done for us, so it can help others - build faith in Him. Even for ourselves, sometimes we have to do what David did in the Bible; where he had to look back over his life and remind himself of what God had already done for him. David did this, so he would be equipped with the kind of faith, needed to deal with his current situation. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo have found, many times, faith is something that God gives us so we will have the strength to do something - to build His kingdom. So get ready to fulfill the plan and purpose God has for your life....👐🏾👐🏾👐🏾

Okay, Warriors, let's change some of our ways and stop trying to get so close to all of this material and useless stuff. Let's all draw closer to God, getting to know him through His Word and praying and listening to Him. Surrender, surrender, surrender, unto Him in all of our ways, and let's do His will. God has so much for us, but we are missing out because we are clueless of the power of our Faith! Warriors, get in touch now, so you can live with your, Faith on Fire. Faith on Fire allows us to open up to see His miracles placed in us and acting in us. When this happens - you will live a joyous, happy, and faithful life. Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! To Your Holy Name! King Jesus!

Warriors, again, thank you for tapping into our blog, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." We pray to God, asking HIM to give you the faith needed to endure any and all encounters that may come your way. Please, remember, Nothing is Impossible for God! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

We love you. As always, please sign in using your email and the code: ZEJFNW. It's time to start living your life, with your, "Faith On Fire." Join in with us, as life is tooooooo short; you know what we always say, "Live Life Intentionally". See you next week.....

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo,

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. The book “More of You God,” can help you to build a closer relationship with God. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

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