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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Hi Warriors:

We are back.....The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is back at it, adventuring and enjoying life. We pray your week was amazing, too!!!! This past Saturday, we headed to the "#AtlantaMotorsportsPark (AMP)." Man alive, we had such a roaring time. We believe sometimes, you just need to break up your routine and step out on faith, trying something new and adventurous. That's what and how we do, so... come on and join in on the fun.

Warriors, we went go-karting on one of the top 10 tracks in North America. Yes! When we do it, we go all the way. Zoom, Zoom, y'all Yes! It was all the way live! Lol. This Park is known for the aggressive elevation changes and technical layout. The Duo is here to tell you we truly experienced these elevations, and the layout is/was a little challenging for an amateur. However, it takes driving it several times to get the swing of it, and that is exactly what we did. We did three sessions and each session lasted 10 minutes, going around the 2 mile track for about 4-5 times. Sid was/IS like a big kid; he didn't want to leave this place. The AMP has car, motorcycle, and kart racing. A little history..."The track was built to meet CIK level A standards and the full course has 43 feet of elevation changes. It is known around the world to have the most radical elevation changes of any kart track in the world." A few of the races hosted there includes: Endurance Karting, WKA, Chump Car, SCCA, NASA, World Racing League, PropCup Karting League, member racing series, time trials, and the Public Karting Racing Series. So, you see, it is the real deal.......

How did your Duo do on the track? Warriors, we survived! Lol. The first session, Sid had a little spin-out; braking too much into one of the curves. Lady Jackie crashed into the wall on her second session; going too fast down a hill, entering into a curb. Lol. Yes! It rattled her - a bit or two; but she is not a quitter. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo continued onto the third session, where we became pros and we had our groove, mastering it. Lol. It is funny, because at the end of the race, they showed us who came in what place, and we always came in near last place, but not the last one; but close to it!!! Do you think, we cared??? No!!! We are just living our lives, intentionally and enjoying every minute of it. We aren't crazy... safety comes first for us. However, we do believe in living in the overflow that God gives us. It was a total blast.

As usual, thanks for stopping in for a quick visit. Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo is always up to something, adventurous. But, hold on, we're just getting started....Lol. Let us know what you have been doing. What's on your agenda???? How are you enjoying your life?

Don't forget to sign in with your email address and the code ZEJFNW. Enjoy the video and pictures below. Stop in next week to visit with us. We love you and God truly loves you. Live Your Life Intentionally!

Blessing on top of blessings!

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

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