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Got to Be There

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hello Good People,

Adventurous Dynamic Dual checking in with you this week. Praying we will help to add some joy and excitement in your life. We just don’t think it’s fair for us, to not share this joy, unspeakable joy, the Lord is giving us. Thanks for journeying with us.

Today, we’re taking you to Myrtle Beach, SC, where we experienced our first trip together. Yes, so much fun; what an amazing adventure! We decided to take a weekend Road Trip; not too far from our home, just approximately 6 hours away. For this excursion, we didn’t have to take off from work; we try to save our vacation days for bigger AND longer trips. It‘s called maximizing your vacation. You see, even a weekend trip, can feel pretty special!

We checked in our hotel on a Friday night. We chilled a little on Saturday morning, because it’s not a vacation without sleeping in a little late. We were on our time, not work time. You hear me! So, by the time, we were up and dressed, lunch time it is. Lol. We get outdoors and walked around the sandy beach and decided to have lunch in a restaurant right on the pier. This joint's structure is elevated...up in the air, looking like it is sitting on sticks in the water. So much enjoyment, eating that delicious seafood. It’s all about the view folks and good food...another memorable moment.

After getting some nourishment, we walked the strip and hopped in the car and rode around to do some sight-seeing. Lots of stores, so make sure you have money to shop when you go. Definitely, the place to find your swimwear/gear for other trips on your list.  Of course, your girl, Jackie, bought a few pieces for the future. Sidney got in on the fun too, as we both added a little to our travel wardrobe. Fun! Fun!

We believe in enjoying but also not overdoing it.  We do not like to be exhausted when we return back to work. How you choose your visits and trips are all up to you, but we like a balanced approach. Life is all about balancing, everything!

Since, one of the reasons we were in town, was to attend Sidney's brother Surprise retirement party, we went back to our hotel to “chillax” a little before going to the surprise retirement party.

The party happened to be a little bit of a drive from our beachfront digs; all fun for Jackie, as she gets to do some more sight-seeing. So, so, funny... we get to the party and the surprise is on us and no longer on his brother, because he was sitting there smiling at us as we entered through the door. Wouldn’t you know it,  a church member called him to ask him about his surprise party, so it was no longer a surprise for him. Go figure, somebody is always messing up something.

At the party, we had an amazing time. It was Jackie’s first time meeting a lot of Sidney’s family. What a blast we had, good food and good times. 

On Sunday, we got up from peaceful rest. Now, to know the breakfast man that Sidney is, of course, we went to breakfast, right near the strip, after checking out from our hotel. Eating great food is always a part of the travel experience for us. 

Before stopping at his family’s house, we decided to add a little adventure to our trip. We went on our first helicopter ride over by the beach area. So much fun, gliding in the air with our headsets on. Yet, another memorable moment. We finished our trip,  visiting his family, talking and laughing, just getting to know one another. 


1. Take a road trip. It allows you to see God’s beauty along the way.

2. Don’t use your vacation work days. Save them for bigger/longer trips. This way, you may be able to maximize the trips and adventures on your bucket-list, all within a year.

3. Stay in a hotel on the main strip in Myrtle Beach.

4. Try getting an oceanfront view room. The views are worth the additional $, you may have to spend.

5. Do not try to do too much. Enjoy your time there, but don’t overdo it.

6. Catch the glorious and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on your camera.  Truly, memorable moments.

7. Open your patio door and listen to the sound of the ocean waves. It’s so sexy and therapeutic.

8. If you have family there, like we did, spend some time enjoying them.

There is nothing like the blessings of enjoying your love ones. Just as the book, “More of You God,” says, “I glorify and thank You for all of the love ones You have placed into my life. How grateful I am to have friends and/or family loving me.” “My family is a circle of strength.” (page, 327) We were so blessed to have some of Sidney’s family in the area. Myrtle Beach was on our bucket-list, so how fitting to be invited to his brother's retirement party.

We are living our best life! Come on get with us. We are starting to make some check-offs on our bucket-list. Let us know what you like to do in Myrtle Beach, so we can indulge during our next visit.

Don’t forget to sign in and join our blog “Adventurous Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey,” using code: ZEJFNW. We’ll see you next week.

Adventurous Dynamic Duo,

Sidney and Jackie

We love you!!!!!

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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