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Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings Warriors:

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo just wanted to quickly stop in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. We are away in NYC, where we are spending quality time with family and having an amazing blessed-filled time, doing it!!!! Praying you are having a blessed-filled weekend too. Give God thanks in all things because He is worthy to be praised.

Our question to you.....are you thankful? If you’re reading this Blog, we know you have breathe in you, a gift from God. So give HIM thanks, right now! Glory! Hallelujah! We Praise Your Name, Jesus!

Remember, as always, live your life intentionally! Do not even take a second of time or a single breath, for granted.

Well Warriors, that’s it for now. Check back in next week, “Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey”, as we will be sharing the results of the Joy Literary Awards and yes, inspiring you to live your life intentionally. We trust God, for we know, He will do what He said He would Warriors, stay tuned.

Lastly, please sign in using email address and the code ZEJFNW. We love you!!!

Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney P.S. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

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