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It’s a Family Affair

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Welcome Back Family:

Our blog is for all people not just couples. You can be single, married, have a mate and or a friend, and still have and accomplish your bucket-list goals. We just happen to be the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, living life to the fullest. How was your Thanksgiving this year?? We are so excited to share with you, our amazing/great extended Thanksgiving weekend. Well! Well! We chose to get out of town and visit with Jackie’s family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What a fun-filled trip.

We were so thankful to God for letting us share with family and friends , great food and bucket list-adventures. We arrived Thanksgiving morning around 930 am, just in time to go to Jackie’s family church for Thanksgiving service. They have service, annually, for about one hour. We all come together to give God all the praise and honor for another year. As the book, “ More of You God“, for the entire month of November, each daily devotion give thanks to God for something great He has done for us. On November 22, it actually speaks on thanking God for the ability to have essential and core values in our lives and to thank God for allowing us to be able to discern how to make right decisions in our lives. Hallelujah! Attending church was the perfect way to start our holiday weekend, as we were able to reflect on God’s goodness, the true reason for Thanksgiving.

Dinner was amazing, Jackie even cooked a couple of her specialty dishes, her (Bomb-Mac & Cheese and her Fabulous-Potato Salad). After dinner, Jackie’s brother-in-law played video concerts of Earth Wind and Fire & Chicago, Michael Jackson, and several other artists. The surround sound system was so amazing, we thought we were really at a live performance. We found ourselves up dancing and singing. Nothing like fun with family! We even discussed trips we would like to take as a family, as couples and with friends. “ How about going on a cruise?“ “What about doing a Jazz Festival trip?” “Let’s just pick an island to go to and hang out on the beach.” Now...folks we‘re talking our language! We think we are making waves of excitement with our fabulous bucket-list. Lol.

Friday, we continued with family and friends coming over to share more of that great food we cooked. On that evening, we, along with my family, had tickets to attend the Milwaukee Bucks game at their newly-built Fiserv Forum Stadium. Awe Man, just up our alley … more stuff off of our bucket-list, a pro basketball game. We were too excited because the Forum from the outside looked out-of-site (dope) Milwaukee has done their justice with that Stadium🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. “Fear the Deer” is what the crowd chanted. What an exciting game, but our Bucks fell short by one point and lost the game. We still enjoyed this event to the most - test! This was the first time Jackie went to a game with her sisters, and first pro game one of her sisters had ever attended. This adventurous life Sidney and Jackie (we) are living is catching on with our family and friends, so now, we really want to inspire you too. We ended Friday night with riding around downtown Milwaukee, to see the various Christmas decorations and take pictures. Tis the season to be jolly!

Jackie’s sister's husband had a surprise for us on Saturday. Yay! Another bucket-list opportunity for Sidney to visit Chicago for his first time. We were going to head to Chicago (Chi-Town) with my brother-in-love’s best friend and his wife (the six of us). We were going to hear the band that played at his friends' wedding. An hour and a half drive away was well worth hearing an old school band play a bunch of oldies-but-goodies. We got our dance on; we had so much fun hanging out in the early afternoon hour. Prior to our return to Wisconsin, we drove around downtown Chicago, taking pictures of the beautiful, classy, scenic, and festive lights on the trees. Nothing like seeing Michigan Ave, during the Christmas season.

On our last day, Sunday, first, we started our day off going to church, followed by a great meal at our favorite Chinese restaurant on the Eastside of Milwaukee. This food is what I call gourmet Chinese food, as it melts in your mouth👌🏾👍. Lastly, but not least, Jackie could not end her trip without just a little shopping. Fun! Fun! Fun! In the Mil-Town!


1. Take time to let God know what you are thankful for, each year.

2. Spend time with love ones (family or friends).

3. Do an event you have never done prior, as a group.

4. Throw in something from your bucket-list on every trip you take.

5. Travel to your destination on Thanksgiving Day, and come back on Monday instead of Sunday, it’s usually cheaper.

6. When purchasing tickets for events, it’s cheaper to have someone go to the venue to purchase the tickets; it’s saves a lot on the service charge.

7. Remember, to join the airlines sky-miles program, eventually, after so many trips you can get one trip free.

8. It’s a family affair; eat, drink, laugh, dance, and enjoy. Savor the moment, life is short, live it to your fullest!

Thanks for stopping in. Don’t forget to sign in and join, code: ZEJFNW. More adventures next week.

We are the Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney. ❤️

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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