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It's the Strip Then the Wonder - 3

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hello Warriors,

The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is so ecstatic, you tuned into "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey," part three of "It's the Strip Then the Wonder". We still have so much excitement to share with you on the final leg of this adventure. We are going to wrap up this journey by taking you to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and then back to Las Vegas for a little excitement and fun.

Warriors we are, living our best life and doing this Grand Canyon adventure! On Sunday morning, around 7 am, we got up to hit the road again. We wanted to hit the road starting with daylight, so we could make sure we didn't hit any Elks. LOL...really! 🤣🤣 So, here we are, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo riding down the road for about 30 minutes and Sidney notices a light on the dashboard, referencing a tire is low. As soon as we can pull over on the side of the road, he stops and he looks at the tires. All four tires looked about the same. Fortunately, as we ride several more miles, a small gas station is spotted. Nothing but God, because not many gas stations are in this area. Sidney goes inside to ask if they have an Air Pump, and they give him several dollars out of the register to put in the Air Pump for our tires. Guess what Warriors??? He checks all of the tires and every last one of them had about 30 PSI and the tires clearly states, they should have a little over 50 PSI (pounds per square inch). He fills all of the tires, and we give the Gas Station attendant a tip for the air. Sidney is now a little concerned, but Jackie, the so-called car expert, that she THINKs she is (LOL) is telling him, we are now good. The Rental Company, didn't service this car the way they should have - there is no way all four tires should be low. Right, Warriors??? Can I get an Amen! Lol. We prayed about it and kept riding. Thankfully, we didn't having any other problems; 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾but what a scare to start our morning.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is about 3 and 1/2 hours away from the South Rim of the Canyon. We kinda felt, we better see this famous glass skywalk while we are in the area, as we may never get there again. It's another perfect day. The weather is warm, and the sky is blue, without a threatening cloud in sight. West Rim, here we come....we are now about one hour away from the West Rim and the highway changes again to a two-lane-highway. This time, we see posted signs telling drivers to watch out for the crossing cows. We are like, WHAT?????? Crossing Cows????? 😳😳 But, Warriors, Yes! As we are driving, we start seeing cows, lying up under trees, right on the side of the road. We are like, we have never seen anything like this before - EVER. LOL. 😂😂 We continue driving, getting closer and closer to our destination, and the mountains are just picture perfect; what stunning, scenic views. Wow! Finally, we arrive, park, and get our tickets - a package deal which includes, a walk on the Skywalk, lunch, and shuttle rides to all of the tourist areas. This area is not as crowded as the South Rim; however, the West Rim has it's own unique and fun experiences.

We get on the shuttle now arriving to the first stop. We get off and first, noticed Native Americans speaking in their native tongue. Yes we love it because we have some of that Native American blood in us too. We walk with the crowd, straight to this area called, Hualapal Ranch. We felt like we just entered into a western scene in a movie. It was staged just like a small town in a western movie. They have gift shops, a café, and they even gave us a shoot them up, bang, bang, cowboy entertainment. Yes, Warriors, a little show. How cool was this! We grabbed a bite of barbeque in the Cowboy Café.

Remember, the main reason we drove to the West Rim was to walk the Skywalk, so we got back on the Shuttle and headed to the Eagle Point area. This is what Wikipedia says about it, “The Skywalk offers views 4,000 feet down into the Grand Canyon through 5 layers of glass. Don't worry - the Skywalk is perfectly safe! It can hold up to 71 million pounds; measure 10 feet wide, and has walls that are 4-6 feet tall." We were too excited to experience this adventure. After standing on the rocks at the South Rim, we didn't have any fear! They also have flight tours, zip lining, and river trips that explore the lower end of the Colorado River. This part of the Grand Canyon is far more narrower, and we felt it could be a little more dangerous. You can walk right up to the cliff and there are big rocks piled up on one another! Lol. 😝😝 It was crazy to see people standing on those rocks. We both said, "We see how people actually fall into the Canyon and lose their life."

It's on now y'all!!!! We arrive at the Skyway, and our adrenaline levels are high. We put all of our things into a secured locker; because personal items, such as cameras, backpacks, or purses, aren't allowed on this Skywalk. They have two lines - one if you want to walk it without them taking pictures, or the line, we called a, "Photo Shoot" line. Of course, we got in the photo-taking line, as we had to have this adventure on film! It was quite interesting, because it took about 5-10 minutes, and they literally did a shoot of us on the walk. Hey! We were movie stars on the walk.....We thought.....Lol. 😜😜 😍😎 We posed for at least 10 different frames. They had us put on shoe covers, so we wouldn't scratch the glass of the walk. Walking on the Skywalk, felt a little weird. Sometimes, we got a little dizzy; looking straight down while walking, just seeing the bottom of the Canyon, right underneath us. It was an amazing experience. Yes, Warriors, it was another unforgettable moment. Once we got off the walk, an attendee showed us all of our pictures, and we bought them all. Yes, it was a little expensive; but some memories are priceless and they, certainly, take advantage of this concept. Lol. 🤪🤪 We spent some time in the gift shop, purchasing a few memorandums, and then headed back outside. We were interested in seeing an area, where there were Indian-made tents/Teepees. We toured all of these Native homes, while walking in the hot sun. It was funny to see 6' 4" Sidney, trying to stand inside small and short tents. These abodes, definitely, weren't made for tall folks. Lol. 🤫🤭🤗

We get back on the shuttle to go to Guano Point, our last stop. They had more food there for lunch, but since, we had eaten at our first stop, we just walked around this area. We could see remnants of some of the historical tram that once stretched 8,800 feet into a guano mine, as well as, 360 degree views of the Canyon from Highpoint Hike. This was fun to walk through this area. Again, you need to be physically fit, since you will encounter a little climbing on uneven rocks. Walk steady, now! LOl. 👀 Remember, you can spend as much time as you want at each of these stops. We knew we had to get back to Las Vegas, a 3.5 hour drive away, so we - check out and hit the road.

We're back on the road again, watching out for the crossing cows and just trying to take in all that we have experienced over the past 3 days. We were, both, totally in awe! So much so, that the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, goes to our source, Jesus Christ our King, with praise! We just start praising Him and thanking Him for allowing us to see the world and asking HIM to keep us safe throughout our adventures. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! What an Awesome God, we serve! Now, we are trying to get back to Vegas to spend our evening with Boyz II Men. Yes, we have a date with these talented men, at the Mirage Hotel. Lol. 😳 Their show is at 8pm, and we have to get back to the Strip and check into the Venetian Hotel; another highlight of our vacation.

We get to the Venetian Hotel, and we are tired; but we must keep moving. We check in, and this hotel is absolutely beautiful, "the Bomb." Our room is stunning, but we don't have much time to check it out, as we have to get across the Strip to the Mirage's Terry Fator Theater. We shower quickly, changing into our concert clothing, Lol. 😝😝 Yes, Warriors, what a jammed packed schedule, we have.

Let us introduce you to Boyz II Men. They are an American R&B male group from Philadelphia, who are truly known for emotional ballads and flawless, acapella harmonies. They have gone multi-platinum on countless albums and have sold out countless venues. The concert was so much fun. Just hearing the perfect pitch trio singing, "On Bended Knees," "I'll Make Love to You," "A Song For Mama," and "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday", left us speechless. They knocked it out of the park!!! The entire audience was up on their feet for most of the show, and the atmosphere felt so good. At one point in the concert, the Boyz came out in the audience and danced with the ladies. Y'all, we partied with them, for one hour. Clean partying! We are still excited as we headed back to the Venetian, where we hit a few slot machines. Party pooper Jackie, is now, too tired; so she cops out and heads back to the room to hit the bed, leaving Sidney to experience the Casino, by himself.

The next morning, we get up and explore the Venetian Hotel - so, so beautiful, and not really that expensive, and the parking is free too! Our first stop is to get breakfast in the "Grand Lux Cafe," inside the Venetian. It was amazing. We had their Italian style French Toast, and we will never forget it. It was a huge Danish; simply, scrumptious. You must have this menu item, when you go there, so delicious! We, definitely got our breakfast eat on!!!!!! Our flight out was mid-afternoon, so we had time to explore the Venetian and shop a little; but we didn't get an opportunity to ride the Gondolas on the canal. Maybe, next time y'all.

Activities to do and landmarks to see at the Venetian include: Attending shows at one of there four theaters, "The Opaline Theatre, The Palazzo Theatre, The Sands Showroom, and the Venetian Theatre. It has an top TAO Nightclub that has an Asian inspired theme. The Galleries are amazing - the Rialto Bridge, view of the outside Gondola rides from second floor balcony just outside the casino, the centerpiece of the Grand Canal Shoppes entrance hall ceiling, the St. Mark's Square at the Grand Canal Shoppes, which is surrounded by restaurants and shops. They even have live costumed shows there. The striking Venezia reception area, located on the 10th floor of Venetian/Palazzo complex is a site to see! The Venetian hotel was another amazing experience all by itself. We loved it. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


1. Try to experience as much as you can. The Grand Canyon is one of those once-in-a- lifetime experience.

2. Be brave.

3. Take time in the Venetian There is so much to see and do.

4. Purchase the lunch with your Skywalk adventure. It's not much more $$, and it's good...

5. Even if you do not have a lot of days to stay, you can still see and do a lot; just like us.

6. Rent a car. This way, you will have the freedom to go as you please.

7. Experience at least one show, while in Vegas.

8. Try to visit both - the West and South Rims. They are different; but both are amazing.

9. Plan, live, explore, and enjoy.

Warriors, thank you for stopping in to explore and journey with us. This Las Vegas/Grand Canyon adventure was just too amazing to cover in one blog of the "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." We hope we opened your eyes and mind, to consider exploring outside of your comfort and start living your life, intentionally. You know, like we know, God has given us dominion over the earth - ALL of the Earth. Tap into your power and get adventurous, enjoying all that He has created. We thank and trust you, Lord! 🙌🏾🙏🏾👋🏾

As usual, don't forget to subscribe to our weekly blog by signing in, using your email and the code: ZEJFNW. This way, you won't miss hearing about our adventures.

The Adventurous Dynamic Duo, love you, and we love sharing our stories of adventure with you. Get ready for our trip to Brazil, coming at you soon.....

Sidney & Jackie

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo

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