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Let’s Get It Started

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Jackie and Sidney, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo. We would like to share with you how we started an adventurous fun-filled life. Get yourself a “Bucket-List.” We did, and this is how it all happened.  

We were on our second date, a day at the lake. First, of course, we had an awesome lunch together, then we headed to the lake. While sitting there getting to know each other better, we were mesmerized by the tranquil bluest-green body of water, right in front of us. It was just what we needed to get our brains to open up and explore.  We started sharing places we had both gone and how we are both in a place in our lives, where we want to live life to the fullest. As we shared our stories, we realized we had a lot in common. We went on to start calling out places we both wanted to go and activities we would love to experience. Sidney, the easy going romantic guy, says, “let’s start a bucket-list.” Jackie, the published author, pulls out her iPhone and commence to start typing a list, right then and there.  Our bucket list isn't your typical bucket list, where it captures places and experiences to see and or do, before we die. Ours is a list that captures things we want to experience so that we are living an intentional life, full of fun, charting unknown places, facing our fears, and seeing God's miracles at work. For example, experiencing one of God’s great wonders (the Grand Canyon) and/or going to a Prayer and Praise Conference.  Here is a snapshot of our Bucket-List

1. Grand Canyon

2. Nigeria Falls-Toronto

3. Alaskan Cruise

4. Milwaukee Boating Excursion

5. Family Prayer & Praise Conference Milwaukee

6. Las Vegas/Hoover Dam/Arizona

7. Cancun Mexico

8. Myrtle Beach

9. New York/Shop/Broadway Play/Casino

10. Tennessee Mountain-cabin/Whitewater Rafting/Horseback Riding

11. Washington DC-Museum/Cherry Blossom Festival

12. Porsche Museum in ATL

13. Panama City, FL

14. Destiny, FL

15. Montana-Glacier National Park Seattle/Mt St Helen/Portland/Fisherman’s Wharf Mount Hood-Timberline Lodge Snow Mobiling, Slay Ride, Snow Shoeing/Crater Lake/ National Park/Vancouver British Columbia, etc.

16. Savanna GA

17. Aruba

18. Hernando Florida-weekend with Jackie’s best friend

19. Pacific Coast/California vineyards/Route One/Rent Convertible Car 7 days at least, Drive the famous coastline

20. Go to Holy land in Orlando FL

21. Israel

22. Mega bus trip

23. Church Visits

24. Zip lining/Boating/Canoeing/Biking/Hiking

25. Movies

26. Working out together

27. Go to a Dam

28. Snowmobiling

29. Shooting range

30. Plays/Circus/Concert

31. Fly in a helicopter

42. City Christmas lights - viewing from car

33. Spend a day in a Spa

34. Go to Pro Basketball/Football/Baseball game

35. Bowling

36. Atlantic Station

37. Jazz Festival-Jazz club

38. Jet skiing

39. Lake Lanier

40. Stone Mountain/Laser show/snow tubing

41. Mt. Paran Church - Christmas Show - ATL

42. City Christmas lights - viewing from inside car

43. Date with friends from each other’s church

44. Snorkeling/scuba diving

45. Fly in hot-air balloon

46. Dinner Downtown top of Hyatt

47. RV-travel within United States

48. Australia

49. New Orleans

50. Purchase five bedroom house with basement, large-large-closets, debt free, 3 car garage, 500,000 or more....

51. Hilton Head

52. Brazil

53. Cuba

54. Yellow Stone National Park

55. Mission Trip

56. Hawaii - Maui

57. Ferris Wheel/Downtown Atanta

58. Kentucky Noah’s Ark

59. Nashville

60. Charleston

61. Chattanooga

62. Texas

63. Ride Scooters

64. Miami, Florida

65. Clearwater, Florida

66. Tampa, Florida

67. Both retire by or before 60

68. Purchase Spider Motorcycle

69. Porsche Sedan Car - Paid in full 2019

70. Speaking around the world

71. Books sold around the world

72. Santorini, Greece

73. Germany

74. Switzerland

75. Spain

76. Italy

77. Africa

78. Amsterdam

79. Norway

80. Ireland

81. England

82. London

83. Paint and Sip

84. Cape Cod

85. Egypt

86. Dominican Republic

87. Puerto

88. Costa Rica

89. Give and serve for our Lord's Kingdom

90. Next Year Super Bowl - Atlanta 2019

91. Japan

92. Buckhead

93. GA new stores

94. Titanic Museum

95. Pigeon Fort Tennessee

96. St. James Live Jazz - Atlanta

97. Cummins Fall State Park - Tennessee

98. Dolly Wood - Pigeon Fort Tennessee

99. Pounce Market Place/ Downtown ATL

100. Go Karting

101. Ride ATVs

102. Sky Dive

103. Red Mountain Top-look out-dam etc. - TN

104. Maine/Vermont/Connecticut during Fall time

105. New England/ Boston

106. Lake Tahoe

107. Denver

You can see our list is all over the place. As we complete various activities and trips, we check them off, but we don't remove them; this way, we can see our accomplishments. We, also, continually add to our list. Man alive, living life intentional, is so much fun!

It doesn’t matter if you are a millennial, mid-age, or a seasoned senior citizen. Having a bucket list is a must - have. When we created our list, we didn’t know if or how the activity would happen, or how we would afford it; but we trusted God.

The Bible says, "Write it down and make it plain." Praise His Holy Name! He is making it happen for us. The book, “More of You God” on January 6, reads, “Father impart Your wisdom and guide me on this adventure.” “I want to ride with you Lord.”

The Adventurous Dynamic Dual is riding with the God of Gods and the Lord of Lords. He owns it all; there is nothing impossible for our God.


1. Do not limit yourself with your list.

2. If both people haven’t experienced an activity, put it on the list. It’s ALL about the experience of sharing it together.

3. Remember, one trip can include many activities off of your list. You can always add or subtract from your list.

4. Try to find great deals to make it fun, so it doesn’t overwhelm you financially.

5. Share with others, let’s all have fun.

6. After you complete an activity, check it, but do not remove it. It’s exciting to see how you have evolved into an adventurous life.

7. Put God first in your life, HE will give you life more abundantly.

Alright, until next time...Glad you stopped in on the journey. More fun and adventures to come.

Please share with us your activities, so we can possibly add to our bucket list what you're planning to do on our list too.

Adventurous Dynamic Dual,

Jackie & Sidney

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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4 kommentarer

Adventurous Dynamic Duo
Adventurous Dynamic Duo
24. nov. 2018

Thank you! So glad you join in on the journey.


23. nov. 2018

Congratualtions Jackie! As author Parker Palmer says you are “letting your life speak!” Blessings to you as you share your journey with all of us. Courage, Conviction and Commitment!


Adventurous Dynamic Duo
Adventurous Dynamic Duo
17. nov. 2018

Thank you for joining we are so excited for you to journey with us


Dorothy Mantilla
16. nov. 2018

I love, love, love, your blog. It's motivating me to live a more intentional, adventurous life. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with your readers!

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