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Life's A Trip

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Welcome Warriors:

We are the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, and we would like to welcome you to our blog, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." The Duo loves to travel, but sometimes, we have to stop and take a minute to reflect on everyday life. Life truly is a journey, and we believe in using God as our navigating system. Yes, He's ours (and yours, too) GPS! While going through life, we encounter many directions, detours, potholes, and accidents, but are we asking God what to do? Are we asking God to always be in the center of everything we do, getting His divine guidance - GPS, Y'all!!

Warriors, did you know when you get God's directions on every decision you make, your life goes smoother? Yes, you will experience some challenges in life, because the Word says we, all, will go through some adversities, but God will see us through. Did you notice, it doesn't say you will not make it? It says, "He will see you through." The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is here to testify, we experience God's presence even in the middle of our struggles. You see, Warriors, God will comfort you, giving you His joy and His peace. Sometimes, we are looking at each other and asking ourselves, "Why are we so calm?" "How are we not losing our minds?" " How are we still standing?" This is when we have a, "But, God, moment." We know that our help comes from Him, and Faith must be a part of all of our lives.

God is very powerful, faithful, and intentional in all that He does. Therefore, we need to practice living our life intentional too. Our life is a journey, and the Adventurous Dynamic Duo calls it, a "Trip." You see, Warriors, God gives us freedom to make our own decisions. However, He also gives us a guide/map (the Bible) to follow. The Holy Spirit lives inside of each of us, but we have to tap into and listen, closely, to that whisper - that still, small, voice we hear inside of us. This is when God is speaking. Remember, there are consequences in every decision we make. Our choices can lead us to good or it can lead us to bad. We, all, know that everything God does is good and very good; so, we need to ask God for His direction in our decisions, concerns, problems and adventures. God is delighted to travel with us throughout our lives. He is an unchanging God; He will be with us when we are in the desert, and He will be with us on our mountain top highs. Don't we serve an Awesome God?

As we are sitting here today (Saturday) writing this blog, we can reference back to yesterday and today, to show you how we tapped into our faith. Jackie has a little toy poodle and he is a seasoned canine, almost 16 years of age. Yesterday, she noticed the little fellow was having problems urinating (he couldn't). This isn't the first time, because he had surgery for removal of bladder stones, about 8 years ago and the Vet was only giving him a couple more years to live after the surgery. Warriors, this sweet poodle lives in a holy house where the Lord resides and prayer/faith are tools constantly being used/tapped into. Jackie pulled out her blessed anointed oil and anointed her baby boy last night. “That’s right, my baby girl tapped into her faith!! She asked God what should she do because the Vet's office was closed and going to the emergency was so expensive. God directed her to give him an anti-inflammatory med that had been previously prescribed for him. Warriors, about 2 hours later, he was able to urinate. Thank You, Lord!!!! The next morning, Jackie takes him to the Vet and she finds out he has stones in his bladder and some in the kidneys. As the Vet is speaking to her, Jackie sits there and silently asked God, "Lord, please help me with this decision on how to treat the little fellow." She was led to not have any surgical procedures done, just have x-rays performed to see what is occurring in his little, precious body. Jackie is at peace with her decision, and now, she is going to keep him comfortable and just let God be God! She realizes, she has been so blessed to have him as long as she has and God knows how much she loves this little guy. However, the key is, she/we trust God to direct her, and we know God is an ever-present God who delights being with us, and it is our joy to remain in/with Him. We, will and do, believe the report of the Lord.

When we wait on God, one terrific fact IS, we get to discover who God truly IS, while embracing each stage/phase we encounter through this life's journey. This is the pleasure we get to experience and persevere, as we walk with God daily. Warriors, God, has a plan, a purpose, and an outcome that will astonish all of us. He gives us new mercies every single day. Come on with us and give Him THANKS right now for keeping us and being with us. Hallelujah! God is so awesome and amazing in our lives.

Warriors, thanks for stopping in, life is a trip. As you travel through life with all of its turns, curves, and stops, let God direct your every move, so you can get to the destination that He has designed, just for you. Check out May 25 on page 150 in "More of You God," as it states: "God, impart wisdom in me this day as I move forward in my life, my destiny, and my purpose, You have for me. Guide my feet as I take each step moving closer and closer to the prize. Father, God, I want to have peace that surpasses all understanding; it comes only from You." Yes, Warriors, He will give you peace. Thank You, Jesus!

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We love to share with you, the goodness of the Lord, we all have a journey on this earth, and yes, it can be a, "Trip." But, please, "Live Life Intentionally!"

We love you!

Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

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