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No More Shame

Hello Warriors:

Today, we would like to discuss something that has been very heavy on our hearts. We are talking about something that may be weighing you down - that extra baggage, you've been carrying ..... Baggage in the form of: making you feel you aren't worthy, and afraid of people judging you (you don't want to be exposed). Yes, today, we would like to discuss that horrific word, "Shame." Hush your mouth! Warriors, it is time to address this monster, so you can set yourself free. Yes, Warriors, No More Shame!

Did you know? Shame is usually deeply rooted. In fact, we have all done things in our lives we regret and wish we hadn't. Moreover, some of us have gone through some really, awful experiences that were totally out of our control. Sometimes, this shame is a manifestation, started from, all the way back from childhood, through: trauma, abuse, neglect and/or rejection. Right now, some of us are still living in this thing called, shame. This shame wants to haunt us and stop us - right in our tracks. Right now, the Adventurous Dynamic Duo, is "rebuking Satan, in the Name of Jesus. Satan have no power over Jesus the Christ." It is nothing other than Satan, trying to stop you/us from accomplishing the purpose and plan, God has for our lives. The enemy wants us to believe, we aren't worthy, nor are we good enough. Therefore, as he clouds our minds with this foolishness, we become immobilized; thinking we are hopelessly beyond help and repair. In fact, we may go so far as isolating ourselves from others, in fear of getting exposed. At this point, we are feeling unworthy and unloved. But, remember, and please never forget - Jesus loves us! Jesus is love!

God wants us to live free from our past. He will also clean us up where ever we are, in our lives. Warriors, we are here to inform you, Jesus died on the cross to set you/us free. Open up your bible, right now, to read about all of the people who had every reason to crumble and fall, due to shame and/or guilt. However, they accomplished great things and even lived extraordinary lives, all because God set them free - stripped from all shame, not carrying any baggage.

Here are a few steps to conquer shame. (1) The first step towards becoming free is believing that you are set free through, Jesus Christ our Savior. He shed His blood on the cross, so that you could live a life free of sin. (2) Next, get into His Word, the Bible, and let it minister to your soul. God will convict you and change you; even if you aren't living a holy life. This is exactly what He is doing for us. Right, Sid! Once, we were both, lost, but now, we are found. Thank Your Lord!!!! We have been set free of all of our shame. Through our relationship with God, we are living our best lives. Warriors, you know how we say it, "Living Life Intentionally." (3) Get to a church and/or bible study that is truly teaching the Word of God, without any compromising. Please be cautious, because God's Word is God's Word. Let's not turn it around to benefit our sinful ways. (4) Okay, Warriors, now it is time to repent, and ask God to forgive you and also forgive yourself. This tends to be most folks hold up, because we do not want to let it go. (5) Accept, God's grace, not only has He forgiven you/us, but He doesn't hold a record of your/our sins/mistakes. Thank You, Jesus! (6) Let God use you. Quite often, God takes our shameful experiences and turn them into a testimony, all for His glory. It is time for you to share your story to lift up someone else. So many people are suffering, even wanting to commit suicide. The Adventurous Dynamic Duo was once there. Warriors, let us show others we care for the well-being of them, by letting them know how they can be set free, just like you/us.

Warriors, we know that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, meaning freedom. So, now that we are in His presence, we can truly say, we do not have, "NO MORE SHAME." Let us walk in the authority that God has given us. We are Free, Indeed!

Thank you for stopping by our "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." We have been set free, so we just want to make sure you are free, too. Additionally, after you obtain your freedom, remember to please, please, please, pay it forward. God has something so amazing for all of us to do, right here on earth. Get yourself ready and into position, to start working! No matter what you have been through and/or how you are living now, God can transform and make you anew. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Please sign in with your email address and use the code ZEJFNW to join our blog. We love and appreciate you all. “No More Shame.”

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo!

Living Our Life Intentionally!

Jackie & Sidney

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