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Obedience First

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hey There Happy People, Sidney and Jackie, we are so glad to see you tuning into our Adventurous Dynamic Duo’s blog. What will you choose for your first activity off of your bucket-list? Well, guess what ours ended up being??? We would love to say we chose it; but with God in the center of our relationship, He chose it for us. Our first event  was great, Divine, and right on time. We went to each other’s church, as God had His way. Sidney and Jackie … we laughed,  because we saw God keeping our lives, decent and in perfect order. Won’t He Do It! How exciting and yes, so much fun going to each other’s church. Our first stop was at Sidney’s Church, a huge church with at least 30,000 members. Jackie had always wanted to visit the church, but just couldn’t seem to pull away from her church. Sidney's service was in the morning at 10am, so it was just perfect for her, since her church had been in a season of evening services and due to her work schedule, these evening services made it harder for her to attend regularly. The next Sunday, we went to Jackie’s church. Her church is much smaller with about 500 members. Needless to say, we had an amazing time at both churches. You see, we love Jesus, and we love to praise the Lord.  So, it was outstanding to see how both of us attend churches that love to praise, praise, praise. Both of us have been members at our churches for many years, so we spent a little time before and after each service, introducing each other to our respective church families.  Tips: 1. Listen to God.

2. Be open to what is chosen for your first adventure.

3. Put God first in your life, because He is the answer!   Jackie’s book, “More of You God”, mentions throughout the book, “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”

4. Make the event fun, get dressed up/or dress relaxed, if you want. You want to look good for your visit regardless of your attire.

5. Get that head together ladies, fresh hair.

6. Men get a fresh, fresh, fresh, so clean,  nice haircut for the visit.

7. Praise God, like you have never done before, because HE is sooooo worthy to be praised!

8. Make it a great day, go have a nice meal before or after or maybe both! That is exactly what we did. We like to have fun and eating good food is always fun.

9. Remember to always bring an offering to give at church; you are going to be in the presence of the King, so it is most definitely inappropriate to show up without a gift. This is a very memorable moment we will always cherish - so exciting and so much fun to experience our churches together. Now, get busy deciding what will be your first event or activity off of your bucket-list. Share with us what you choose. We have our foundation set. Let’s see what God is going to do next, with us, through us, and for us. The sky is the limit! Lookout now, here we come.

Until next week. Love Y’all, Jackie/Sidney Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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