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The Great Escape

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Welcome Back Bloggers,

Well! Well! The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is so happy to spend time with you, again. The “Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey,” we're ready to share a life worth living. Sometimes you just need to take a weekend to escape. This weekend, we are taking you to a beautiful city in central Florida called, Hernando, and escaping for a weekend. It’s exactly what we did.

We chose Hernando because of Jackie's "Bestie", plus it's only a 6 hour drive away, so why not hit the road again. We even took Jackie's 15 year old toy poodle with us.

Adventuring to a city in Florida we knew very little about, other than the fact, my friend and husband bought their winter retirement home there. Well, of course, we promised we would add a visit to see her on our bucket-list!

Hernando, we discovered, caters to Retirees. It is a lovely waterfront community, a short drive from the Gulf of Mexico.

We arrived late on a Friday evening. "Bestie", graciously, had a meal waiting on us. All of us were really exhausted, but so happy to see each other. We toured her home, then we found ourselves up talking away, way into the wee hours. Jackie's dog fitted right in with her two doggies, sniffing and smelling each other and getting reacquainted, as dogs do. LOL. They, too, were happy to see each other again. LOL

Saturday, we took time to rejuvenate, relax, and just getting in touch with God’s creation. No early rising, no special schedule to follow, no appointments or obligations to fulfill. Yes! We were free! We felt like we were on a retreat. This was a time to let go of every day life, get in touch with God, ourselves, and each other.

Later, we had chosen to ride around for a little site seeing. A must was to hang out at the beach for a while, followed by eating outside, right on the scenic gulf coast at a seafood restaurant. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Every where we visited, we learned something new, as you will see in the pictures below of "Bestie's" patio. It was really interesting to find out that the caged patio/sunroom is called a, Lanai. Who knew? We always referred to an outdoor seating area as a patio! Her lanai was so beautiful, as you can see. We asked her why they choose to buy in Hernando and she replied, “It is beautiful here, warm climate, peaceful and quiet - a slower life's pace. We wanted a place in which we could escape, with amenities within walking distance (e.g. golf, pickleball, spa, fitness centers, shopping); yet, still have bigger cities close by (e.g. Tampa, Orlando) when we want more entertainment and the bigger city life.”

This trip we knew would be a quick in and out; however, every minute was special, when you’re spending it with love ones. Just as the book, “More of You God,” reads, “I remember, love conquers all, and perfect love casts out all fear. My Sovereign Savior, I am going to practice putting my peace to work.” (pg. 156) Hallelujah, Lord, Jesus!

What a time of love, joy, and peace, we had. Thank You, Jesus!


1. Take a weekend to just retreat.

2. Visit your love ones; it’s important to have memorable moments.

3. Open yourself up to visit the unknown.

4. Embrace the moment, because everyday is a gift. For tomorrow isn’t promised to you.

5. It’s nice to get a way from a winter cold climate and put your eyes and body, on a beach.

6. Keep tapping into fulfilling your bucket list; each moment, each trip, is significant.

7. Learn as you travel; it’s time to grow.

Great time sharing with you, this week. Get busy tapping into your bucket list! We have a lot more tremendous excitement to come. Tune in next week, and don‘t forget to join, using code: ZEJFNW.


Your, Adventurous Dynamic Duo

SIdney & Jackie

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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