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Tis the Season

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hey Adventurers:

The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is so happy to have you back with us this week. Two of our most favorite holidays are coming up, Thanksgiving & Christmas. What are you planning this year? 

We had a great time last year. On Thanksgiving,  we spent time with friends because neither one of us really have family in ATL. Jackie and one of her close friends decided to share making our Thanksgiving meal. This was a great idea because neither one of them were exhausted from cooking. This allowed all of us the opportunity to really enjoy each other. There is nothing like loving on each other and spending time with family and friends. We had an exciting time filling our tummies, talking, sharing, just living our best life.

Last year, during Christmas and New Years, we chose to go to a concert and a pro football game. Guess who was scheduled to be here in ATL,  right before Christmas? Well, wouldn’t you know our girl, Janet Jackson was coming. We decided to splurge and get tickets. Yes, Janet is back, in shape, looking good, and doing her thing. This was an event listed on our bucket-list that Sidney had never experienced.  Jackie had been blessed to have experienced a Janet Jackson concert, in the past.  What an exciting time to experience an icon-come-back-year, together. We had a blast  of course, Mr. Sidney had to get him a new bluejeans suit for the concert. An old, old-school move there, but he wasn’t the only one; at least his wear was hip with what the young adults of today were/are wearing.

At the show, we found ourselves people watching because a lot of folks came out in their 60s, 70s and 80s outfits. Some even thought they were one of the Jacksons! We had to look twice to make sure we weren’t in the company of one of Janet Jackson's brothers. At one point, we thought Michael had came back from his resting place. We laughed, we shouted, we danced, and we sung. What a monumental moment, we will never forget.

Christmas Day, we spent the day eating and enjoying family, Jackie’s bestie, her cousin who lives a little over an hour away. It was her born day. It’s her birthday! It’s her birthday! Yes, she is a Christmas baby, and yes, she is a real sweetheart. We could not have thought of missing sharing her special day. Fun times, it was indeed! Giving gifts, lighting up faces, and receiving gifts/blessings back to us.

New Year’s Eve, we bundled up and went to the new Mercedes Benz Dome. Just in time to see our Falcons. “Throw the ball,” “Touchdown please,” “Make this field goal,” were words coming out of the Adventurous Dynamic Duo mouths, as well as everyone else inside the Dome. We ate and drank until we couldn’t anymore. We left out of the Dome, overwhelmed with joy and excitement. We, also, left with a Falcons victory. What a way to start the new year!

However, we didn’t stop with a Falcons' victory; we went to church for our Watch Night New Year Eve Service. We love the Lord,  and we love to end one year and start the next one, praising our King. We know our VICTORY is only in and through Him, Jesus Christ our King. The book “More of You God” states, for December 11, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! You are the greatest Christmas gift of all.” “Christmas is about You, Sweet Jesus.”


1. Plan ahead & remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

2. Check out activities and events you may want to attend during the holidays.

3. Spend time with family and friends.

4. Make sure you have cash for parking when going to your events.

5. If using a credit card to purchase an event or activity, pay it off right away.  No time for getting into debt.

6. Dress appropriately depending on what city you live in.

7. Don’t forget to get your new outfit like Sidney 🤣for the event. Lol. Fun! Fun! Fun is the name of the game!

Busy, busy, we were, but no regrets. Life is about living your life to the fullest. Time to start planning. We can’t wait to hear what you’re doing this year. What do you think we are planning to do this year? Well, stop back in and check us out. We will share with you later. Ok, for now. Let’s get our holiday activities together. Family, adventure and excitement needed. Love and peace!

Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

To Purchase the book “More of You God,” click on the link:

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2 comentarios

Adventurous Dynamic Duo
Adventurous Dynamic Duo
19 nov 2018

Thank you. Yes! It’s about maturing, growing, exploring, and loving.

Me gusta

19 nov 2018

It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday, I'm looking forward to meeting new people, sharing life experiences with other people of faith. It's always great to hear a new fresh perspective on life.

Me gusta
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