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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

What's up Warriors:

Thanks for stopping in on our Blog, "Dynamic Duo Inspired Journey." The Adventurous Dynamic Duo is here to inspire and encourage you. We have been out and about traveling the past several weeks, going to Brooklyn, NY and Arlington, TX. It was a great time and now, we are back to share with you, what we promised - we would. Today, we celebrate what God has done through Jackie, placing on her heart to write a dynamic devotional. First, we give all the honor and glory to God for choosing her, inspiring her, and anointing her, for such a task. Second, we would like to thank all who took the time to vote for her book (God's book), "More of You God. As previously mentioned in an earlier blog, Jackie had the opportunity to win two awards: one determined by the judges and a "People's Choice" award, determined by friends and family voting.

Well, Warriors, last week Saturday in Arlington, TX at the 9th Annual Christian Literary Awards, Jackie won one award: the Henri Award, awarded through the judges' vote, which happened to be the biggest award of the two. We are delighted to have experienced such a classy event. It was simply beautiful, seeing people of all colors, from all over the U.S and some other countries as well. One of Jackie's sisters and her husband flew in from Milwaukee and another couple living in Arlington, also attended in support of Jackie. So, it was 5 people there with Jackie. The biblical meaning of the number 5 is "Grace" and this is exactly what God provided for us. Saturday was really a surreal day for us, because on Thursday, Jackie's Auntie passed away and then on Saturday morning, we get a text and Jackie's cousin passed away, the oldest daughter of her now-deceased Auntie. So, we weren't quite in a celebratory mood - but God. God has a way of lifting us up in the middle of our sorrow and that's exactly what he did for us. Check this out, y'all!!!!

We get to the event and they take pictures of us on the red carpet as we walk into the event. They have a designated area for the Authors to be interviewed prior to the show as nominees and to take more red-carpet pictures. Jackie was interviewed twice as a nominee and twice as the recipient of the Henri. It was a formal affair, so long elegant dresses were spotted everywhere and of course, men were looking dapper in their tuxedos. Hors-d'-oeuvres were served prior to the show and during intermission. We sat up front, right in the middle facing the stage. Jackie's book's category was during the first half of the show, and it was entitled, "More of God" for best Devotional. Yes, she was so glad that the category was announced "early". This way, she would know if she won or not within the program's first half, prior to intermission. Yay! Jackie was sitting there, getting a little nervous, and that old enemy was starting to try to mess with her, saying, "What if you don't win and you flew all the way down here from Georgia, for nothing". Then, Jackie, just spoke to herself, saying "You're a winner - just even to be nominated, look at these people with PhD's and traveling from all over the world, just to be here". Yes! Every Author nominated is a Winner! Winner! Winner! I salute you all!

But Warriors, when they got to Jackie's category and the presenter said, "And the winner is, "More of You God", Jackie Dotson." I screamed. At that very moment, I knew, it had truly been God throughout this entire process, from writing the book, to deciding on the book's cover, to being on TV/Radio interviews, to winning the award. It was God! God chose me for this process, and I was obedient to follow through and deliver!!!!! We are just so grateful, unto God and to the Joy & Company for recognizing Christian Authors. It was one of the best feelings of achievement in her life. Yes, we know, God is not through with using her/us, yet. However, we just want you all to know, you all are winners too. Is God asking something of you - that you are not doing, or you are questioning doing it? Well, we are here to tell you, get busy and do it! God rewards our obedience. We win with God, each and every day. So, as usual, "Live Your Life Intentionally." God has greatness for all of us. He has a special mandate on each and every one of our lives. It's called your purpose! This is our season; a season of "Winning."

Thank you for sharing this very special moment with us. You never know what kind of adventure we are going to take you on. So, get ready! Get ready! We have pictures from the event; we hope you enjoy them. Also, don't forget to get your copy of this award winning book, "More of You God." There is a blessing awaiting you. Don't forget to sign in with your email address and the code. ZEJFNW. We love you!

Your Adventurous Dynamic Duo

Jackie & Sidney

P.S. To purchase the book, ”More of You God”, click on the link below:

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