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Jackie Dotson

Motivational Speaker and Award Winning Author​

Featured Books

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Journey to Praise

A Book of Consecration and Fasting

Jackie reveals how consecration and fasting team up as a powerful tool, to get you closer to God in ways you cannot imagine.  

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More of You God


Jackie is delighted to bring to you her latest book (God's book), More of You God.  God has been working with her for the past three years, preparing her to deliver this book to you.


About Jackie

Hello, I'm Jackie Dotson, blessed to walk a journey intertwined with God's divine guidance and love. My life's work is a reflection of my unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ, through which I've authored books like "More of You God" and "Journey to Praise," aimed at deepening your relationship with our Creator. With a heart filled with gratitude and a soul dedicated to serving, I share my spiritual journey and the lessons learned along the way, hoping to inspire and uplift every soul I touch. Residing in Atlanta with my family, I carry my Milwaukee roots in my heart, alongside a passion for praising the Lord and helping others navigate their faith journey.

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“"More of You God"  is such an inspirational book that continues to help me to stay encouraged and focused on God.”


Devotional Insights

Book Jackie to Speak!

Book me to speak at your next event.  As an experienced speaker,   I have spoken publicly,  teaching classes in the medical field as an Administrator for over 10 years.  God,  now has me speaking publicly for Him. The Lord , our Savior, is  directing me to speak at events -   churches and conferences, etc. on the 'Tools God Has Given Us.' 


I can do all this through Him who gives me strength

Philippians 4:13

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