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Published - Award Winning Author 

Jackie Dotson

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More of You God

Jackie is delighted to bring to you her latest book (God's book), More of You God.  God has been working with her for the past three years, preparing her to deliver this book to you.  This is a must-have to add to your collection. It will help in taking you to another level with God, that is undeniable.  Hallelujah!


More of You God, is written as though you are speaking directly to God.  Each day, it will help you to start a conversation with your Lord and Savior. 


It is a two-year affirming devotional and journal tool.  The format will allow you to compare the years, helping you to confirm what God is doing in your life.  This book will help you in your walk with God, as it takes you through the bible, while increasing your knowledge in the Word.

Do you have an intimate relationship with God?  God is now asking you for a little-bit more of your time.  You see, there is nothing impossible for God.  Whatever is occurring, right now, in your life, positive or negative, God wants to be in the center of it.  When you put Him first, your life will be about growing, maturing, living, and thriving.  

God is just waiting on you; He has been here all the time.  He wants to enhance your life and take you to the mountain top.

                                                                             "Journey to Praise"


                                            A Book of Consecration and Fasting



Praise is powerful - But did you know, it's a tool you can use to see God move in your life, right now?  Jackie had a direct experience with God and He spoke to her, asking, "Are you using the tools I have given you?"  She went on her journey, obediently, using those tools and now she wants to share her journey with you, as God commanded her to do.  


Whatever situation or problem you are facing, this book is your powerful tool to use to reach your victory.  Jackie Dotson shares her amazing journey and "Praise Fast" that will change your life, just as it changed hers.  This book is an outstanding tool emphasizing the tools, in which, God mentions in His Word.  She lays out many of God's tools needed in order to receive the blessings He has for you.


Jackie reveals how consecration and fasting team up as a powerful tool, to get you closer to God in ways you cannot imagine.  When you see what God did in Ms. Dotson's life you will see how fasting and praying will increase and strengthen your faith.


God's Divine Journey, LLC

My Logo has a very significant meaning (GDJ):

The symbol on the right is the "greater than" sign, symbolic for GDJ is greater than anything.  The dashes represent a road.  When you look closely, there is an arrow within the logo signifying the journey.


I Thank God for the Journey!  Praise His Holy Name!



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